10 Best Schools in Leicester According to Ofsted 

The Best Schools in Leicester offer an excellent educational experience due to the wealth of resources, experienced teachers, and access to potential career paths. Whether you’re looking for a public or private school or something specialized, there’s a great choice of schools here in Leicester. By providing students with a solid foundation and guidance, these educational institutions will ensure that everyone who attends has the opportunity to follow their dreams and reach their goals. From primary through university level, there are academic opportunities for all ages in Leicester.  With so much on offer for young minds, it’s no wonder why this city is often considered a prime location for education. In this article, we’ll take a close look at some of the Best Schools in Leicester, from primary level to secondary, in order to help make it easier for parents to choose an educational institution that will meet their child’s individual needs.

Best Schools in Leicester

Parks Primary School

Parks Primary School is an exceptional educational institution in the Blaby District. Ranked highly among parents and pupils alike, it provides a superb learning environment for its 487 students from 3 to 11 years old. With an incredibly low student-teacher ratio of 18:1, the teachers offer their full attention to all pupils. This can be seen through impressive results like 81% of pupils achieving higher standards in reading, writing & maths at key stage 2 as per Ofsted inspection, confirming Parks Primary School’s reputation for delivering outstanding education.

Gartree High School

Gartree High School is a shining example of educational excellence in the town of Oadby and Wigston. As a secondary school serving students from age 11-16yr, it provides a comprehensive program that prepares students for GCSE levels and beyond. Recent Ofsted inspections show how highly this school is rated with an “Outstanding” score and the results of their hard work speak for themselves: 59% of pupils achieving Grade 5 or more in GCSE! The impressive student-to-teacher ratio of 18:1 reflects the commitment to individual attention, helping each student reach their full academic potential. For anyone seeking a quality secondary school education in the area – Gartree High School is certainly one worth checking out!

Gartree High School

Bosworth Academy

Booth Wood Primary School is an impressive co-ed school in Charnwood providing quality education to 225 students ranging from 4-11 years old. The ratio of teachers to students is a remarkable 22:1 ensuring each student receives the personalized attention they need. The proof of its success lies in their most recent Ofsted inspection rating of Outstanding and the staggering 86% achievement rate in reading, writing & maths at key stage 2. With an empowering, holistic approach to education, Booth Wood Primary School has established itself as a top tier institution for primary schooling.

Booth Wood Primary School

Bosworth Academy is a highly acclaimed secondary school in Desford with impressive results and an impressive Ofsted rating. With over 1666 students aged 11 to 19, it is a well-established school with a great student-teacher ratio of 17:1. It has been proven to produce great results for its students; 45% achieved grade 5 or higher at GCSE, and 95% completed their main study programme. The high-quality education that Bosworth Academy provides was acknowledged by Ofsted when the school was inspected and rated Outstanding! This clearly highlights that Bosworth Academy is dedicated to ensuring their students receive an excellent education every step of the way, regardless of year group or ability.

Humberstone Junior School

Humberstone Junior School is a renowned Primary school in Blaby District that is highly rated and achieving great results. It caters to 352 students from inspiring 7 to 11 year olds, with a student-teacher ratio of 24:1. Impressively, 81% of the pupils achieved higher standards in reading, writing and math at key stage 2. It was recently inspected by Ofsted and given an Outstanding rating; a testament to the great staff and education system this school provides its students.

Brookvale Groby Learning Campus

Brookvale Groby Learning Campus is an outstanding educational facility that provides a variety of learning experiences for its students. Located in Groby, the institution offers an impressive student-teacher ratio of 18:1 and consists of 1510 students ranging from the ages of 11 to 19 years old. Providing a stimulating environment for children to grow and exceed their expectations, Brookvale Groby Learning Campus is well regarded by Ofsted, who recently conducted an inspection that resulted in their valuable Outstanding status. The possibilities available at Brookvale Groby Learning Campus are vast and ever-growing as it strives to provide only the best quality education possible for every student who attends.

Brookvale High School Groby entrance

Holywell Primary School

Holywell Primary School is the perfect destination for young learners. Boasting a student-teacher ratio of 23:1 and 415 eager minds from grades 4 to 11, this school in Charnwood makes sure no one falls behind. This shows as an astounding 88% of pupils are achieving a higher standard in reading, writing, and maths at key stage 2 – no easy accomplishment! Ofsted even rated Holywell Primary School as Outstanding, commending its high-quality education. Children come out of this school mastering the essential basics required to move on to their next learning phase with ease.

Burton-on-the-Wolds Primary School

Burton-on-the Wolds Primary School is a standout amongst other primary schools in Burton, providing students with the resources to learn, grow, and reach their highest potential. With nearly 200 students enrolled and an amazing student-teacher ratio of 21:1, this school fosters a strong connection between pupils and instructors. Furthermore, the tremendous success achieved by its pupils demonstrates the commitment displayed at the school. 92% of all pupils reached a higher standard in reading, writing, and maths at key stage 2. Such incredible accomplishments impressed Ofsted so much that they awarded Burton-on-the Wolds Primary School an Outstanding rating during their recent inspection. The school’s excellent curriculum provides its students with the skills they need to flourish both now and in the future.

Burton on the Wolds Primary School

Great Dalby School

Great Dalby School is an exemplary primary school that serves the Burton and Dalby community, with a small student body of 141 children ranging from 5-11 years old. The student-teacher ratio of 22:1 is well below the national average, meaning its pupils can receive more individual attention than may be found elsewhere. Indeed, this dedication produces results – 86% of its students achieved higher standards in reading, writing, and maths at Key Stage 2. To add to its many accolades, Ofsted has rated it as Outstanding in their most recent inspection. It’s no surprise that Great Dalby School is often spoken of so highly by students, parents and staff alike!

Glenmere Community Primary School

Glenmere Community Primary School has been achieving remarkable results in the past few years. This primary school, located in Oadby and Wigston, has a student population of 212 in age 5-11yr with 24 teachers, resulting in an impressive student-teacher ratio of 24:1. Not only were 67% of students able to reach the higher standard for reading, writing & maths at key stage 2; recently, the Ofsted inspection has rated it as Outstanding. All these great feats prove that Glenmere Community Primary School will provide an excellent education experience for its students no matter their level or capabilities.


Leicester is full of amazing schools with generous resources and dedicated teachers, so we can confidently say that one of the best reasons to move here is to access a high-level education. We’ve looked at some of the top schools based in Leicester, from nurseries and primary schools, all the way through to secondary school with options for post 16 study too. With such a selection available to pick and choose from, it’s easy to find a school that will meet the needs of your child and offer them an excellent learning experience. 

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